I just saw a photo on the AJC’s Web site with this alarming caption:

“Shirley D., left and Chuck M. ferry supplies to their home at Paces Manor on Tuesday. They lost 4 of their 5 cars to flood damage — including a 2010 2 XKR Jag.”

No, not the Jag! It’s obvious that these floods are just another piece of Obama’s socialist agenda. Dear Mr. President, leave the rich alone!

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To show the city’s resilient spirit, the city of Atlanta has officially designated Atlanta Memorial Park a “public recreational aquatic facility.” The park has aptly been renamed “Atlanta Memorial Pool.” A brief ribbon-cutting ceremony was held this morning.

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God has answered the summer-long prayers for a backyard pool made by a local child. Unfortunately for Timmy, he will not be able to enjoy the “pool” since his family is currently at the refugee camp.


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An ATLflood.com correspondant has just reported the formation of a child army in Gwinnett County. The county’s schools are closed today due to the county’s severe shark problem. (Both Ken Cook and Ken Burns are on the scene capturing footage for next year’s Shark Week.) Gwinnett County residents are advised to stay in their homes, karaoke facilities or Korean barbecue restaurants until the situation is under control.

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Last night around 1 a.m. we received an exclusive photo of a break in the water line that runs directly under Centennial Olympic Park. People using the park for refuge in the late evening were forced to run for their lives as the piping exploded beneath their feet. There’s no word yet concerning the validity of rumors we received earlier regarding the park being renovated as a giant ball pit with giant slip ‘n’ slide. Stay tuned.

photo credit: somebody cool, definitely not a loser who would threaten legal action.

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Floods_Football stadium#1#

Doesn’t look like the Falcons — which we locals call “the Owls” — will be playing either.

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Better version of the shot we posted last night. Thanks to Caroline Smith for the photo.

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Despite the 100 year flood, one Atlanta resident is finding ways to keep the party going. When asked what motivated him to abandon his home and children for an inflatable donut and his beer keg, the man replied “WOOOOOOO!!!!” This picture was also taken at Turner Field. Trust us.

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