Cody is the world’s foremost authority on creating Web sites on a whim. He’s a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, a photographer and the co-owner and art director of S3 magazine. You may have seen him drifting his S13 at Turner Field recently.


Michael is only treading water in the Atlanta flood waters until he can return to Tokyo. He’s a student at Georgia State University, and he loves sassy girlz.


Panda frequently rides his fixed-gear bike without socks — and sometimes without a shirt — through the streets of Atlanta. He’s a photographer and a rare bearlike animal native to the mountains of China and Tibet.


Laura is extremely gifted at building campfires and walking into inanimate objects. She has a master’s degree in journalism and is somehow gainfully employed. She never updates either of her two Web sites, but this one is the prettiest, thanks to Cody.


Ryan is the author of some of’s most offensive news stories — openly mocking religion, politicians and homosexuals. (And before you get offended: He’s gay, so it’s OK.) We’re all anxiously awaiting his bar exam results now that the occasional mediocre photographer threatens to sue us via Twitter.

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