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But for how long? It has been advised that all shrimping boats be secured in preparation for expected storms.

When asked for comments, Lt. Dan of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. states, “You’ll never sink this boat!”.

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More than 300 refugees are expected at Red Cross shelters across the metro Atlanta area as more and more homes become inundated with flood waters.

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Ken Cook has commented that this is indeed, “the 100 year flood.”

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Reports have been flooding in (no pun intended) that if the current weather status doesn’t change drastically within the next 72 hours, widespread fatalities — and even greater traffic delays — are imminent.  Advisers from the CDC have recommended the construction of large vessels to house people during evacuation in the worst-case scenario of complete flooding of the metro Atlanta area.

Here is an artist rendering of a possible design to be implemented:

When asked for comments, neither God or Noah could be reached.

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Governor Sonny Perdue has declared a state of emergency as death tolls and traffic delays increase.

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