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According to other local news sources, Hurricane Ida sent over 4 inches of rain to Atlanta yesterday. This record number quickly caused more flooding around town, even in the ATLflood HQ basement. Apparently the storms were so severe that a small geyser erupted from beneath our house, sending massive amounts of water spraying up from the floor. We didn’t want to risk damaging our higher end photo equipment, but here’s a quick cell phone photo capturing the event.


I was able to stop the flow of water earlier this morning but I’m somewhat concerned that I may have caught trench foot while wading through the swampy waters.

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Better version of the shot we posted last night. Thanks to Caroline Smith for the photo.

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Apparently, the photo of Turner Field from our original post was somewhat unclear. Hopefully this shot from a different angle will help show the recognizable sign in the background and clear up some of the issues from the earlier photo.

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We just heard a rumor that filmmaker Ken Burns is considering producing a documentary for PBS about natural disasters across America — which could possibly feature footage from the Atlanta flooding. Stay tuned for more details.


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Luckily, we’re armed with the finest in protective rain gear. And fish sticks.

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